MiniKrea Patroon - Joggingbroekje

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Het allerschattigste joggingbroekje.

Size: 0 – 10 Y

Super soft and super cool sweatpants

Paper pattern – This is a printed paper sewing pattern.
The pattern contains a full size pattern, a detailed instruction booklet and translations.

Includes Danish, German, English.

At 140 cm wide x
55/55/60/60/65/65/70/70/75/90/95/100 cm
Ved 110 cm wide x
55/55/60/60/65/65/70/70/75/90/95/100 cm


Ribbing: 45 cm wide x 20 cm for all sizs

Waist elastic: 3 cm wide x 55 cm for all sizes

Evt. Twin needle

Reconnended fabric

The pattern is designed for thin or medium weight knit fabric

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