MiniKrea Patroon - MiniKrea - Babynestje

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Patroon voor een heerlijk babynestje.

Size: Baby / Newborn
Interior dimensions: 35 x 75 cm
External dimensions: 50 x 85 cm

Lovely baby nest.
Perfect for providing a cosy,
secure feeling for the little one.

Paper pattern – This is a printed paper sewing pattern.
This pattern contains a full size pattern, a detailed instruction booklet and translations.

Includes Danish, German, English.


At 140 cm wide x
240 cm long or 120 cm each
of two coordinating fabrics

At 110 cm wide x
240 cm long or 140 cm each
of two coordinating fabrics


Bias tape 2 cm wide x 270 cm
Anorak cord 3-5 mm x 290 cm
Cordends: 2 pcs
Zipper 30 cm long
Velcro tape 14 cm long
Fibre Fill approx 750 g
Foam/mattress 3 cm x 35 cm x 75 cm

Recommended fabric

The pattern is designed for medium or heavy weight knit or woven fabric

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